Journey to China

Sunday, February 04, 2007

4 February -- Kunming

We arrived in Kunming today after a smooth flight from Beijing. We're now starting to feel like we're in the "real" China.

We were met by our facilitator (who promptly scolded us for having too much luggage) and then settled into our hotel. Our facilitator then took us to Walmart (yes, they are everywhere!) where we stocked up on some baby supplies. We also created more than a little scene when our facilitator took offense at something a shopgirl said to her. Let's just say we don't think we'll be back there soon with her....

The biggest news is that tomorrow is "Gotcha Day" -- we'll finally get our sweet Melissa! We're keeping our fingers crossed that she is healthy and doing well.

We promise to get some pictures up, and we'll definitely have some of the new arrival!


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