Journey to China

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Welcome to our blog!

This blog is about the journey that we are taking to adopt a little girl from China.

First, a few notes....

We started the adoption process about 18 months ago. After much thought, we decided that we wanted to adopt, and we decided to pursue an international adoption from China. We were looking for a program that would help us raise a young, healthy child in a loving home -- and China seemed the best fit for us.

We had lots of paperwork to fill out, and lots of questions to answer from our adoption agency, our social workers, the China Center of Adoption Affairs, and BCIS. Let's just say we're well versed in such terms as "DTC," "LID," "dossier," "authentication," etc.

The most important step in our process was the day our dossier was officially received by the China Center of Adoption Affairs. This date (our LID -- log in date) was 5 September 2005 -- my dad's birthday! Well, several hurricanes and lots of time later, we are still waiting. Right after we submitted our dossier, the process in China slowed down quite a bit.

We are now at the point where we have had to resubmit our fingerprints for a background check (the background check is only good for a year), and we are reapplying for our official approval for advance visa from BCIS (formerly INS). So, more paperwork and questions to answer.

That's where we are and how we got here. We'll fill you in on lots of other details soon.


Steve & Suzanne